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Fibre Systems

Update:- 09/10/2017

NEW FTTH Solutions

Satsearch provide a complete end to end range of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) solutions, delivering signals over fibre from the Dish Headend to the customers termination points. Thinking of the future. The Cost effective solution.

Network Solution. Affordable Fibre Optic Distribution.

Coming Soon. GPON networks.

call for details. 

After the continuing success of the first Fusion Splicer from Signal Fire

 we now are able to bring you the New AI-7 

Now in stock:- SC/APC - FC/APC Patch Leads required for


New Products:- PoE Detector and Testers,(see in WiFi).


GPON Fibre Networks.

 See our New section on GPON Networks. Satellite / TV and Internet over a single Fibre Cable.

 Now in Stock:- APC PLC Splitters. 

New Product:- High Freq Interlink Coax & dCS Adaptor.

Ultra High Freq. ODU32 IRS Interlink Coax. 


The sCS adaptor converts 4 standard IRS feeds to 2 dCSS outputs. Terrestrial signals are overlaid onto both output ports.Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR) Modes.

Connections to SwitchBlade / GTU / Multiswitch.

In for details.



Utilizing the benefits of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) technology. The new dSCR GTU ensures the additional benefits of Sky Q  at any connection point. dSCR GTU is Global Invacom's latest addition to the Fibre IRS distribution product range.

For the customers that are upgrading to Sky Q we offer a Splitter / Lead Kit enabling an easy upgrade path, use your existing GTU and the new Sky Q unit, (click on the picture to find out more).

Now in stock £95.84



Since 1985 we have helped solve the 3 I's (Interconnection, Interface and Installation) of signal management in the Broadcast and Communication industries and have grown consistently to become the engineer's acknowledged service leader across those sectors.

We provide a punctual and reliable service and can install and repair any kind of television aerial and Satellite System. Our professional team are committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship. 

Satsearch is a well-established business with many years of experience in the TV / Video, satellite & data industry. Our company has a great reputation for affordable and reliable services.

A lot of our work comes through recommendations and we pride ourselves on our high quality of work.

Some of our services include:
- Fibre, Satellite, DDT, DAB & IRS
- Digital Television, DAB aerial installing 
- Home Network Systems (Video & Audio over CAT5), Fibre

- Satellite and Digital TV Communal aerial Systems
- Satellite Internet services

And many .more

You can contact Satsearch today on 01252 560832 Our services are available all across Surrey, Hampshire and most of the South of England. If you have a problem just give us a ring.