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2u - 4u 19" Horizontal Mount Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinet

Space too tight for a full-sized cabinet or rack? Mount your switches, routers, and other equipment heads-up with our Low-Profile Secure Wall mount Cabinet.
The cabinet keeps your equipment secure.

-horizontal distribution cabinet featuring a low-profile design and has been engineered to mount patch panels, hubs, routers, switches within two mounting bays.

-Welded design for additional strength.

-Secure reversible lockable front door.

-1u cable access opening at Base can be fitted
with brush strip panel to keep dust out.

-1u opening at top for either additional height if required( 75.0mm)
for unit or can be fitted with vented panel for extra ventilation.

-2 sets of 2u 19" rails fitted internally

-Cable access to rear

Working depth internal : 250mm
O/all height : 400mm
O/all width : 500mm
O/all depth : 150mm

*Please Note* Image 1 shows enclosure fitted with the follow: This is for picture purposes only and does not come with Enclosure.*

1x 1u TP Link Switch, 1x 1u 24 Port Patch Panel, 1x 1u 4 Way PDU, 1x 1u vented slotted panel (to act as mini shelf or cable tie panel )

*Please Note* Image 2 shows enclosure fitted with the follow: 1x set of 5u adjustable rails. This is for picture purposes only and does not come with Enclosure.*




PoE Detector

A Must-have companion for any pro This pocket-size PoE Detector indicates the type of PoE ion a cable ising bright, easy-to-see LED display. Quickly and identify IEEE 802.3af/at, 24 volt passive, even reverse polarity Mode B.

Ergonomically designed Fits comfortably between two fingers while allowing for rapid cable testing RJ45 input, the PoE Detector is powered by PoW, so there's no need to worry about battery life.



This PoE tester belongs in every tool kit - great for testing PoE camera, ip phones and wifi installations. Connect the source to your PoE switch or injector, connect the load to your Camera or Phone, wifi or other 802.3af/3at power device. The tester will display the power used, voltage available, and current flowing.

Diagnose PoE problems with this tool

See how much power any PoE or DC powered device actually needs

Measure available voltage at the remote end of a PoE connected device

Observe loss in Ethernet cable

Mode A display from 20v to 56 volts

Mode B display from 20v to 56 volts

DC input display from 5v to 56 volts

Measure PoE currents up to 500ma (28 watts)

Use the 2.1mm DC connectors to measure voltage and current / power in 24, 48 and 56 volt installations

DC current up to 5 amps

2.1mm to 2.1mm jumper included

Bright LED display - alternate between Voltage, Current and Power.


Utilizing the benefits of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) technology. The new dSCR GTU ensures the additional benefits of Sky Q  at any connection point. dSCR GTU is Global Invacom's latest addition to the Fibre IRS distribution product range.
  • Fibre to 2 x Sky Q STB's
  • Supports DDT + Radio
  • Unique design
  • GTU also supports Legacy, analogue SCR and other dSCR enabled STB's
  • Easy Upgrade.
  • In Stock
  • Upgrade Splitter Kit Option, 2 way splitter, leads, allows you to retain your current GTU.


Foam Tape

Multi Buy

Can be used on textured surfaces. High-strength core maintains a thin, consistent bond line. Easy liner release. Perfect to use on LED strip mounting at indoor or outdoor (included bathroom)suitable for indoor or outdoor use. (including bathrooms), used to mount our Mini PLC Splitters.

Length: 3m
Width: 4 mm , 6 mm, 12 mm , 20 mm

Two way unequal splitter (Tap)

FBT Coupler Tap / Splitters are widely accepted and used in passive optical networks, especially for instances where the split configuration is smaller (1×2, 1×4, etc.). FBT is the traditional technology in which two fibres are placed closely together, typically twisted around each other and fused together by applying heat while the assembly is being elongated and tapered. Satsearch supply high quality FBT splitters, single mode couplers with single/double/three windows with competitive price to make your optical network system cost effective. Wide bandwidth 1260um - 1590um

Use:- Tree and star distribution

Any of the Coupling Ratio can be ordered, we stock some of the ratio's but others will take 10-14 days to supply.


Micos ORM 2 ( BB2 )Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box

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