Fusion Splicers

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ALK-88 Fusion Splicer

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Brief Introduction.

  • Small in size.
  • Light in weight.
  • 7 seconds fast splicing, 14 seconds arc heating.
  • 200 to 260 times splicing and heating per battery charge.
  • 100% automatic fibre detection and splicing start.
  • Average splicing loss 0.02dB(SM) 0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS) 0.04dB(NZDS).
  • PAS fibre core alignment technology.
  • CMOS image sensor imaging technology.
  • Carrying bag also your work platform.


  • Standard Package.
  • Optical fibre fusion splicer.
  • Power Adapter.
  • AC power Lin
  • Electrodes.
  • Cooler Clip.                                                  
  • Stripper.
  • Miller Pincers.
  • Blowing Dust Ball with Brush .
  • Specification.                                              
  • Fibre Clamp.
  • Fibre Cleaver.                                       
  • Carrying Bag. 

Configuration Check-list Table.               

Warranty and After-sale Service

Lifetime Warranty (Excluding contrived damageable or misuse). 

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Signal Fire AI-7 Fusion Splicer

The latest Core Alignment Fusion Splicer from Signal Fire the AI-7. £1442.00 + vat




Core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors, it is a new generation of fibre fusion splicer. It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and other fibre cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU, fast response, is currently one of the fastest fibre splicing machine in the market; with 5-inch 800 x 480 high-resolution screen, the operation is simple and intuitively; and up to 300 times focus magnifications,making it very easy to observe the fibre with naked eyes. 6 seconds speed core alignment splicing, 15 seconds heating, the working efficiency increased by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines.

The fusion splicer comes with all the tools to carry out a splice joint. The Toolbox comes with a stool to facilitate the construction workers acting as a work bench.

High-capacity lithium battery, continuous splicing and heating about 200 times.


Name Signal Fire AI-7
Code L5880
Fiber alignment
Splicing cycle
8 s
Sleeve heating cycle
15 s (40 mm)
Number of motors
Auto-focus Yes
Fiber type compatibility
SM (G.652, G.657), MM (G.651), DS, NZDS (G.655)
Splice loss (typical)
0.025 dB (SM), 0.01 dB (MM), 
0.04 dB (DS/NZDS)
Return loss
min 60 dB
Calibration of the electric arc automated real-time, manual
Durability of electrodes
ca. 3000 splices (the kit includes spare electrodes)
Fiber diameter range
buffer: 80-150 μm
jacket: 100-1000 μm
Fiber cutting length
8 - 16 mm (250 μm overlap): 
  16 mm (>250 μm overlap)
Strength test
Yes (2 N)
Magnification x300 (in X or Y axis; x150 in both axes simultaneously)
Display 5.1" color TFT, 800x480 pixels
Power 7800 mAh lithium rech. battery, charging time 3.5 h
100-240 VAC charger with 13.5 VDC / 4 A output
Operating temperature range -15°C...+50°C
Operating humidity range (RH)
< 95% (no condensation)
Weight 2.08 kg (splicer with battery)
7.1 kg (whole kit)
Dimensions splicer: 130 x 122 x 148 mm
toolbox: 270 x 237 x 293 mm
Remarks built-in LED lamp 
configuration and diagnostic app
protection sleeves up to 60 mm

Splice Protectors

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Splice protectors are designed to maintain the strength & environmental stability of optical fibre cables after fusion splicing.
  • Heat shrinkable outer tube, hot melt fusion tube and stainless steel strength rod
  • Maintains optical properties of fibre
  • Provides strength and protection to optical fibre splices
  • Easy to use and install without damaging splice
  • Clear sleeve to allow visual location of splice prior to shrinking
  • Sealant protects splice 
  • 23mm, 45mm & 60mm clear sleeve. Pack of 100
  •  The colour set includes the colours designated in IEC 60304; Blue, orange, green,
    brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose and Aqua. 12 individual splices in a single bag.