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19 inch Vertical Wall Mount / Under Desk Bracket

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Wall mount bracket provides a space-saving solution for your small office or home office when there's no room for a full size rack to display your electronic equipment. Made of heavy duty steel construction, this wall mount bracket rack can be flush mounted vertically to the wall or horizontally under a desk.This rack meets EIA-310 standards for 19 rack dimensions and is compatible with all 19 rack mount equipment. You can even install multiple 3U racks in pairs for horizontal installations, depending on your equipment's depth and weight.bracket rack,which is also compatible with most OEM slides

19" Fibre Optic Distribution Frame 1U

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Fibre Optic Distribution Frame 19" 1U, consists of the box and distribution board. The installation of a draw makes it possible to extend the ODF to an extendible vision. The embodiments on the bottom of the ODF as well as the organisational fans (optionally) made it possible to organise cables and fibre-optic pigtails in an easy, functional and aesthetic way.


  • Simple Design,
  • Solid construction, high quality and esthetics,
  • Made of 1,0 ÷ 1,2 mm steel sheet,
  • Embossing to attach cables inside the box,
  • Four holes (two open and two closed) under the cable glands M16 and M20,
  • The cover is secured by screws,
  • Easy access to cables,
  • Standard colour: RAL 7035 (light grey) glossy, RAL 9005 (black) glossy, other colours on request,
  • Dimensions [H x W x D]: 44,0x480x230 [mm].
  • Application:
    Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN.

How to order:
ODF-19-1U-C-     Compact fiber optic distribution frame 19" 1U
FP12ST      Front panel 19" 1U 12xST/FC/DIN d-hole
FP24ST      Front panel 19" 1U 24xST/FC/DIN d-hole
FP12CS      Front panel 19" 1U 12xSC/E2000 simplex *
FP24CS      Front panel 19" 1U 24xSC/E2000 simplex *
FP12CD      Front panel 19" 1U 12xSC/ST/FC duplex / LC quad
FP24CD      Front panel 19" 1U 24xSC/ST/FC duplex / LC quad
  * suitable for LC/LX.5/MTRJ duplex SC foot print

19" Fibre Optic Distribution Frame 2U

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Telescopic Fibre Optic Distribution Frame 19" 2U Q-Fibre consists of the box and distribution board. A box with a distribution board installed on telescopes (extension 110%) guarantees the highest comfort of work both at the installation process and during subsequent maintenance works. The front panel is available in the version integrated with the drawer or as a replaceable element. Replaceable plugs make it possible to install various cable conduits. Movable side holders make it possible to withdraw the ODF by 30 mm from the mounting plane.


  • Made of 1.2 mm steel sheet,
  • Extension 110% on telescopic rails,
  • Embossing to attach cables inside the box,
  • Boltless mounting of adapters,
  • Standard color RAL7035 (light grey) glossy, RAL 9005 (black) glossy, other colours on request,
  • Dimensions [H x W x D]: 88,5x483x231 [mm],
  • Temporary side handles allow the withdrawal of ODF 19" by 30 mm,
  • In the rear part 4x open and 4x closed openings for conduits M20x1.5 (ø of the cable 6÷13 mm).
  • Application:
    Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN.


LGX Modules

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Module LGX Q-Fibre may be used for crossing fibre-optic cables, patchcords and pigtails. It is also a good solution for splitter adaptation and Wave Division Multiplexing Systems WDM, CWDM and DWDM. It consists of the box, the distribution board and the cover. The embossments on the side wall of the box make it easy and functional to organise cables in an aesthetic way. Modules are installed in the Chassis by means of the snap. Such solution facilitates very quick installation and dismantling of the modules, without the need to use additional tools. Thanks to its compact size, it permits a very efficient use of space inside the data communication cabinet.

  • 1U module holds up to 9 sockets, (SC)
  • 2U module holds up to 18 sockets (SC)
  • 3U module holds up to 27 sockets (SC)
  • Properties:
  • Available sizes: LGX SINGLE, LGX DOUBLE,
  • Dimensions [H x W x D]: SINGLE - 29.0x129.5x165.0 mm, DOUBLE - 58.3x129.5x165.0 mm,
  • Possibility to describe the ports on the front panel,
  • Types of connectors: SC, ST, FC, LC, E2000,
  • Polishing standards: PC, UPC, APC 8°,
  • Possibility to mount a cable gland M16,
  • Holders in the LGX are designed for placement in the following housings: Chassis
  • LGX 19'' 1U (3 modules), 2U (6 modules),
    3U (12 modules),
  • Colour: RAL7035 (light grey) glossy, other colours on request.