Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, WLAN

4/9/2017  Fibre Item.

Is it worth investing in good fibre optic cleaver? Proper cleaning and cutting of fibres prior to joining them is extremely important both in the case of mechanical and fusion splices. The following two pictures show the form of light streams coming out of fibres cleft with a stripper with cleaving option (on the left) and precision fibre cleaver (on the right).

Unwanted light leaks from properly cleft end face of a fibre are very limited - the stream is focused. In the case of improperly cut fibres, dispersion effects cause that the splice presents high attenuation, which can even lead to transmission failure. Fibre-optic fusion splicers are extremely precise (up to 0.1 degree) in the determination of the cleaving quality. Installers using mechanical splices can use the optical technique shown above, using e.g. the visual fault locator, but this method is suitable only for an approximate assessment of the quality.