FC Range

fc Connector2
FC stands for Fixed Connection. It is fixed by way of a threaded barrel housing. FC connectors are typical in test environments and for single mode applications

FC - FC Panel Adaptor

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Can be used to join 2 FC/PC optical plugs together.

FC/PC - SC/PC Hi-bird Adaptor

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sc-fc adaptor

Used For Adapting Field Termination To FC/PC Connection

FC/PC - SC/PC Duplex Hibird Adaptor

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sc-fc  dup adaptor

FC-SC Hybrid Singlemode Duplex copper Fibre Adapter.

Fibre optic adapters are used to provide a cable to cable or cable to equipment fibre optic connection. We supply a wide range of mating sleeves and hybrid adapters, including special male to female hybrid fibre optic adaptor.

FC/PC- FC/PC Barrel Connector

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FC-FC Adaptor
Used For Joining 2 Per Terminated Optical Leads Together.

FC/APC to SC/APC Adaptor

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FC/APC - SC/APC Hybrid Simplex Single mode Plastic Fibre Optic Adaptor