Fibre Patch Boxes

Tamper-Resistant Wall Box

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This range of tamper-resistant wall boxes can be supplied with adaptors to ensure the installation is fast, secure and can be easy wall mounted. Single Mode or Multi Mode.

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Fibre Patch Wall Boxes

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  • Call for prices. Or just fill in an enquires / order and we will quote and email you back.
  • Our fibre wall boxes are ideal for use where a rack mounted patch panel insist suitable.
  • They can be fixed to walls, under desks or floors and are especially suited where space is at a premium or only a low fibre core count is required
  • Available in 2 to 16 way.
  • Has a knock-out on 3 of its sides to accommodate a cable gland.
  • The fourth side accepts 2, 4 and 8 way SC duplex AND LC Quad or 4, 8 and 16 ST or FC adaptors.
  • The LC quad adaptor can be accommodated in the SC duplex hole.
  • Can be used on a wall, desk or underfloor.
  • Finished in RAL 7035 semi gloss.
  • Manufactured with 1.2 mm mild steel



  • 4 way – 110 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm
  • 8 way – 160 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm
  • 16 way – 160 mm x 160 mm x 80 mm
The fibre termination compartment is covered by a lid which is fixed with one screw for quick installation. The wall boxes can be supplied fully loaded with adaptors, partially loaded or unloaded. Three different size boxes are available with up to 2 SC duplex adaptors, up to 4 SC duplex adaptors and up to 8 SC duplex adaptors. All adapters are fixed horizontally with screws. The adaptor ports are numbered for ease of identification with space below for write on labels if required. Any unused ports are filled with blanks. There are 20 mm knock outs on three sides allowing maximum flexibility for cable entry. All boxes are supplied with 1 x PG11 gland and 4 x stick on bunny clips.

Double Door Patch Wall Box

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The lockable double door wall box is available on it's own or pre-loaded with a range of singlemode or multimode adaptors to suit your project needs. The double door feature allows independent secure access to the both incoming fibre cable and patching areas of the wall box

EB800 IP65 FTTx Compact Fibre Breakout Box 8F

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Compact IP65 closure for the distribution and termination of fibre optic cables.

  • Accommodates SC Simplex or LC Duplex adaptors (need to be ordered separately)
  • Up to 4 fibres on SC Simplex or up to 8 fibres on LC Duplex
  • Ideal for use where there is no facility to mount a 19" patch panel
  • Suitable for internal or external applications and can be pole mounted
  • Spare loops of pigtails and drop cables can be managed in the hinged splice tray
  • Manufactured from anti-ageing materials, with ultra violet stable characteristics
  • Pressed rubber/silicon strip weatherproof seal
  • Anti-tamper lid closure
  • Operating temperature -20 deg C to +70 deg C
  • Not supplied with adaptors.

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Micos SOP 36VS Distribution Box

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Optical box SOP 36 VS is designed for distribution of optical network in buildings by usage of optical cables or microduct system, for protection of optical connections and for interconnection of optical cables. It is wall-mounting in indoor climate with the option of entering / exiting the cable / fibre elements from either side. The box could be placed as necessary in respective etages where the needed number of optical fibres from backbone path is terminated.