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PoE Detector

A Must-have companion for any pro This pocket-size PoE Detector indicates the type of PoE ion a cable ising bright, easy-to-see LED display. Quickly and identify IEEE 802.3af/at, 24 volt passive, even reverse polarity Mode B.

Ergonomically designed Fits comfortably between two fingers while allowing for rapid cable testing RJ45 input, the PoE Detector is powered by PoW, so there's no need to worry about battery life.



This PoE tester belongs in every tool kit - great for testing PoE camera, ip phones and wifi installations. Connect the source to your PoE switch or injector, connect the load to your Camera or Phone, wifi or other 802.3af/3at power device. The tester will display the power used, voltage available, and current flowing.

Diagnose PoE problems with this tool

See how much power any PoE or DC powered device actually needs

Measure available voltage at the remote end of a PoE connected device

Observe loss in Ethernet cable

Mode A display from 20v to 56 volts

Mode B display from 20v to 56 volts

DC input display from 5v to 56 volts

Measure PoE currents up to 500ma (28 watts)

Use the 2.1mm DC connectors to measure voltage and current / power in 24, 48 and 56 volt installations

DC current up to 5 amps

2.1mm to 2.1mm jumper included

Bright LED display - alternate between Voltage, Current and Power.

Microtik SXT-LTE

Satsearch Satellite Broadband Suppliers & 4G LTE Broadband service throughout the UK. As long as you have good coverage these services will be suitable for you even if your service via phone line is poor. Our standard service starts from 2 GBytes a month to 100GBytes per month.