GPON Networks

GPON stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Networks. GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism. Its main characteristic is the use of passive splitters in the fibre distribution network, enabling one single feeding fibre from the provider’s central office to serve multiple homes and small businesses carrying the Internet and Satellite and TV services.

Up to 128 Nano G devices can be connected to a single GPON port. Supporting GPON links of up to 20 km, the Nano G integrates with the UFiber OLT and third-party OLT devices. Internet & Satellite / TV Services over one fibre cable

uFiber Loco Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE

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Sporting a sleek industrial design, Ubiquiti's U Fiber loco is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE that consumes only 3.5W of power and can be powered via one of two power options: 24V Passive PoE or 5v Micro-USB.

Offering the same TX and RX performance as the UF-NANO, the UF-LOCO is ideal for anyone installing fibre to the home who wants to provide compact, non-intrusive CPEs at their clients' property. The basic LED display provides information on Ethernet connection, signal strength, and power.

uFiber Nano G Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE

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The first offering from Ubiquiti's GPON range, the UF-Nano is a Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE capable of speeds of up to 2.488 Gbps (RX) and 1.244 Gbps (TX). Sleek in design, the Nano G comes with a digital LED display, a single GPON WAN port, and a single Gigabit Ethernet port. The easy-to-read screen provides information on IP address, signal strength and current throughput, whilst the device's sleek design allows for discreet placement in any environment, including mounting on a wall.

The Nano G is powered by 24V passive PoE, using a single cable to carry both power and data. Connected to a compatible OLT via a passive optical splitter, up to 128 Nano G devices can share a single GPON port across links of up to 20km.

uFiber OLT 8-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

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uFiber OLT 8-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

The UFibre OLT is Ubiquiti's easy to use solution for Fibre network configuration. Powered by Ubiquiti's UNMS (management software), the OLT and its connecting NANOs can be managed from a single graphical web UI, all at no extra charge.

The UFiber OLT comes equipped with eight GPON ports and supports up to 1024 concurrent clients with physical links of up to 20km. There are also two SFP+ ports for 10G of uplink connectivity. The device is powered via an AC/DC power module as standard but this can be swapped out for a DC/DC module. A secondary power bay is also present to allow for the installation of a second AC/DC or DC/DC power module, allowing for a backup power supply to be connected in case of failure.

The UF-OLT can manage up to 1024 ONUs concurrently and is rack-mountable. It is capable of speeds of up to 2.488 Gbps downstream
and 1.244 Gbps upstream and comes with a single Class B+ SFP Module.

uFiber OLT 4-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

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Ubiquiti's UF-OLT-4 is a simple and easy to use solution for fibre networking. Managed through Ubiquiti's own UNMS controller software, the UF-OLT-4 can be configured and managed via a straightforward and easy-to-use web-based UI.

Each GPON port on the UF-OLT-4 is capable of supporting up to 128 ONU CPEs. A single SC/UPC module is supplied with the device though to utilise the remaining three ports, UF-GP-B+ or UF-GP-C+ modules are required. The device also comes with an SFP+ port for 10G uplink connectivity.

The UF-OLT-4 can be placed on a table, shelf or other flat surface, or rackmounted using the included rackmount ears.

GLOBAL Fibre-IRS ODU32Optical KIT 1550nm

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IF +DTT/DAB LNB c/w ODU32 Optical Combiner
(1.5m N Connector HF Lead c/w PSU - DC via
'F' Connection), Optical output 1550nm. 2 x 32

The Fibre system is designed to run alongside a voice and data optical network,either on its own dedicated fibre, or as an RF overlay. The system is designed to distribute DAB, DTT and the complete Satellite content from a single Headend to large number of dwellings.

The Headend is comprised of modules that receive and combine terrestrial and satellite signals to an optical output. The optical signal is then  split, amplified, then split further to feed multiple Passive Optical Networks (PONs) or ‘Point to Point’ connections.

Each home has it’s own Fibre-IRS optical to legacy converter, which outputs all of the inputs in their conventional format and at the original frequencies (DTT, DAB plus 4 Universal LNB O/Ps).

The Fibre-IRS Gateway Termination Unit (GTU) is designed to convert the optically received Fibre IRS signals (either via a dedicated Fibre or RF Overlay) to legacy format, e.g. with all inputs (DTT, DAB plus 4 quadrants of a universal LNB) being converted to their conventional format and at their original frequencies.

At the Head End, the F-IRSODU32 combines the signal from a Wholeband LNB (included with ODU32 Kit) with a DTT/DAB signal. The, now optical, digital IRS signal is output via 2 low power lasers contained within the ODU32.

Each of the 2 Optical outputs can be split, using GI Optical Splitters, to feed up to 32 FibreIRSGTU (Gateway Termination Units) Quads or Quattro..

  • Complete ‘end to end’ solution enabling unlimited tuners/STBs to be used within each connected home
  • Scalable, from 10’s to 10,000’s of homes
  • 'Plug & Play' Technology
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FTTH/FTTx Pass 1550nm &1490nm Reflect 1310nm FWDM Filter WDM

FTTX Filter WDM module extensively used in EDFA, Raman amplifiers, WDM networks and fiber optics instrumentation is based on Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology. The device combines or separates light at different wavelengths in a wide wavelength range. It can expand the capacity of a single fibre to achieve bidirectional communication, so that widely used in optical network upgrade and expansion, or introduce new comprehensive business etc.

Satsearch provides filter-based wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) filter devices that are customized to the particular wavelength bands for your special applications. As you might know, GEPON system itself works on 1310/1490, so CATV signal here is delivered over same fibre using 1550nm, and FWDM is a place where all this get's "mixed".

UFiber 1:4 Fibre Splitter

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1-4 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:8 Fibre Splitter

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1-8 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:16 Fibre Splitter

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1-16 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:32 Fibre Splitter

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1-32 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC