Fixed Attenuators


Optical attenuators – where and how to use.

Optical attenuators are passive elements of the optical path designed to reduce signal level and adjust it to the receiver sensitivity level. Systems with multimode optical fibres do not use attenuators for practical reasons – they do not have high power transmitters and use of attenuators is not necessary. They are usually used for short sections based on single-mode fibres.

We offers SC/UPC, SC/APC and FC/UPC attenuators. The former are most often used in LAN networks at the inputs of media converters or SFP modules, the latter in systems where active devices are equipped with FC sockets. The most common applications will be optical terrestrial and satellite TV systems.

In-line FC, SC, SC/APC & LC Attenuator

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Metal-ion  doped fibre

Simple reliable structure,

Durability (over 200mW)

The fibre attenuator features high power endurance and low back reflection. They are used to reduce the optical power in the fibre optic links. Applications for fibre optic attenuators include CATV networks, data communication and telecommunication networks. Our  fibre optic attenuators are good price and prompt delivery.


  • Good repeatability
  • High precision
  • High return loss
  • Small size
  • Good directivity
  • FC, SC, ST and LC types available


  • Fibre communication
  • Fibre CATV, FTTH, Global IRS.
  • LAN
  • Test equipment