Pre-Polished Field Connector

The connectors have a potential fibre connector installation time of less than 30 seconds, including preparation. Apart from the standard fibre preparation tools, no other specialized tools are required in conjunction with the PC range of connectors.  Using this on-site assembly optical connector, it is possible to improve the flexibility of optical wiring design as well as reducing the time required for fibre termination. The Easy connector series are already a popular solution for optical wiring inside buildings and floors for LAN & CCTV applications and with the expansion of FTTH, is already proving itself.

Our connectors are now available in SC/APC for 250um, 900, 2mm & 3mm diameter singlemode




Eloik SC/APC Mechanical Connectors

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Universal for 250um / 900um / 2.0mm / 3.0 mm

  • Pre-polished connector
  • No epoxy required
  • No Tool or Jig required
  • Transparent body for immediate connecting confirmation
  • 30 seconds for connecting
  • Mean Insertion Loss 0.1 dB
  • Releasable after connecting
  • Customization for other fibres