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Tool / Splicer Bag

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Fibre Fusion Splicer Bag Wear-Resistant Waterproof  Special Tool Bag. Plenty of room for tools. Comes with shoulder strap can take belt as well. This bag is supplied with the IOT-68 Fusion Splicer for reference.

Fibre Optic Technicians Tool Kit

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All supplied in a quality, rugged, hard shell, auto pressure equaliser; IP67 rated waterproof carry case worth over £150 by itself (Peli Storm iM2300).

The Technicians fibre kit contains the common fibre termination stripping tools. It is not a termination kit as standard, but additional items can be added to create a termination kit to suit your needs. • PVC Electrical Tape • 3oz. Alcohol Bottle • Fibre Stripper • FIS Connector Cleaner • Kevlar Scissors • Jacket Stripper • Buffer Tube Stripper • Round Cable Slitter • 6” Side Cutting Pliers • (50) Foam Swabs • Kim Wipes • Utility Knife • Tweezers • Needle Nose Pliers • Piano Wire • 4 Bit Screwdriver • Black Marker • Safety Glasses • (5) D-Gel Wipes • Black Work Mat • Fibre Disposal Unit • Ruler • Fabric Tape Measure • 1/2” Nut Driver • (3) Economy Tie Labels • Rugged Carry Case • (5) Fusion Splice Sleeve • 1Mtr 3mm Furcation • 1Mtr 900µm Furcation • PVC Electrical Tape 

Field Fault Finder Kit

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This tool kit with the equipment supplied help to locate and trace simple Fibre Cable faults.

Tools and equipment in kit.:-

  • Fiber Optic 400x Inspection Microscope.
  • Laser Fibre Fault finder (VFL) 1mW
  • MicroCare Lint Free Wipes (tub 90 wipes)
  • Contact cleaning sticks for 2.5mm ferrules in alignment sleeves. 5 pack
  • Microcare Fibre connector cleaning solvent
  • Case not supplied ( see cases in menu).

Tool Bag

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Designed in association with the leading communication utility companies, the Mills tote tool bag has 12 external sealable pockets, ideal for tools, connectors, test meters, PDAs etc, together with 3 external tool loops for larger items such as hammers etc. Internally the bag has a further 5 tool pockets and 8 tool loops.

The bag has a heavy duty carry handle with padded grip for comfort and is also supplied with a shoulder strap.

Produced in Hi-Vis yellow with reflective banding strips on all four sides, the bag is ideal for emergency services and all outside installation and maintenance applications.

Cable Rod Kit (Handy Set)

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Handy Set - Four 500mm rods plus a 330mm Flexi-lead give you over two metres of reach and all four flexibilities. The three most frequently used attachments are included and remember that all the attachments from your main set can also be used. In restricted areas where full length rods are too unwieldy, or when predominantly routing short runs of cable you need the half-size Handy Set.

Fibre Optic Termination Kit Multimode only

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MT-3032: Ideal entry level kit in plastic carrying case represents excellent value for money to those wishing to start fibre termination or as a spare kit to supplement an existing termination kit. Includes tools required for terminating SC & ST connectors, carbide scribe tool, fibre strippers, kevlar scissors, polishing pucks, glass work plate, rubber polishing pad, syringes, quick cure adhesive, polishing film, Isopropyl alcohol and alco wipes.


  • ST Polishing Disc
  • SC Polishing Disc
  • Glass Plate
  • Rubber Polishing Mat
  • Fiber Optic Stripper
  • Kevlar Scissor
  • Ratchet Fibre Optic Crimping Tool
  • 137" (3.48mm) Hexagonal Crimp
  • 190 (4.85mm) Round Crimp
  • 137 (3.48mm) Round Crimp
  • Carbide Scribe
  • Set of Fast Setting Epoxy Resin & Hardener
  • Epoxy Mixer Pads & Spatula (x3)
  • Plastic Syringes & Tips (x5)
  • 6.0m Polishing Film (Brown)
  • 1.0m Polishing Film (Lavander)
  • 0.05m Polishing Film (White)
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • Set of Wet & Dry Cleaning Wipes (x3)