Blown Fibre Cable

Blown Fibre achieves its cost-effectiveness and flexibility by separating links into a passive infrastructure and high performance optical cabling. The passive infrastructure is created with the specially developed miniature plastic ducting and a range of appropriate termination and routing accessories. The optical cabling is added with the minimum of disruption whenever required. Multimode or single mode optical fibres are blown into links, using sophisticated installation equipment but with distances up to 80M this can be installed with out air flow.

Blown Fibre Tube

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Blown fibre tubes external (2 tube)

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The blown fibre system offers significant benefits to users when compared with traditional cabling in terms of flexibility and a low cost upgrade path where future demand trends are unclear. Installing a network of tubes that can be configured to match whatever fluctuating demand schedule appears and fibred with the latest, most appropriate technology makes a blown fibre solution truly future-proof.

Blown Fibre Singlemode

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Blown Fibre takes the form of an ultra-lightweight single bundle of optic fibres.

2 Core 9/125u x 500mt


Hand Blown Fibre Unit

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The Air Blown Fibre Installation Tool is used for the installation of Air Blown Firers into micro­ducts. This unique, easy-to-handle and lightweight tool is designed for optimal performance in combination with all available air blown fibre units and microducts from Hexatronic. The tool uses both compressed air and an electric motor to feed the fibre. An adjustable magnetic coupling limits feeding force on fibre, to avoid damage in the event of a sudden stop. The motor speed and direction is controlled by a trigger switch on the handle. The tool is delivered with a case including nozzles for 3/2 mm, 5/3.5 mm and 7/3.5 mm microducts.


Technical Information
Type: Air blown fibre (ABF) installation 
Supported products: Hexatronic ABF 2 - 12 fiber (Ø1.1-1.6 mm), 3 - 7 mm microducts
Capacity: ≤150 m/minBattery