Signal Levels


Signal levels:- We have found that the MDU work best with a optical signal level below -5dBm. If you are only using a Fibre LNB and a Optical cable less than 500mts you will need to put in at least a 10db optical attenuator on the optical cable input to the MDU.

Most Optical LND's produce a optical power of +5dbm this level is the same no matter the size of the dish. Satellite power can only be measure via the Global Fibre Meter or on the output of a MDU after it has be converted back to the coax IF freq of the satellite.

On some MDU there is a 10db switch, although this helps with BER at the receiver, it is still best to get the optical power to the MDU to below -5dbm.

This optical power can be checked with the Global meter or we do sell optical power meters and you can find some good used units under the "Used Equipment" in the menu. A power meter also will alow you to check for common system faults. Give me a ring for more help required.

The picture on the right is the optical signal level at the end of 440m. of cable and a 32 way splitter inline as well.

Signal Levels taken at the IRS MDU 440m,via a 32 way optical splitter, from a 80cm dish on Astra 2