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Self Adhesive

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Splice Ring

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Splice Protectors 2.5mm

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Splice protectors are designed to maintain the strength & environmental stability of optical fibre cables after fusion splicing.
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  • Heat shrinkable outer tube, hot melt fusion tube and stainless steel strength rod
  • Maintains optical properties of fibre
  • Provides strength and protection to optical fibre splices
  • Easy to use and install without damaging splice
  • Clear sleeve to allow visual location of splice prior to shrinking
  • Sealant protects splice 
  • 23mm, 40mm, 45mm & 60mm clear sleeve. Pack of 100
  • The colour set (60mm) includes the colours designated in IEC 60304; Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose and Aqua. 12 individual splices in a single bag.
    • Tombstone Marker Ties

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       Zip Ties, Pack of 100, size 100 mm x 2.5 mm