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DTT Processor

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  • Compact 6 Channel Fully Agile DDT Processor (expandable to 8 channels)
  • +15dB to -15dB Adjustable Gain (15dB gain with variable 30db attenuator)
  • 40dB rejection of adjacent channels
  • Simple to use

The professionally built, wall mounting Fibre IRS DTT Processor has 6 pre-installed channel modules as standard (expandable to 8 channels with additional plug in modules available separately), all of whick are fully agile and can be easily programmed to reject all unwanted signals in the UHF band (470-862MHz) - Ideal for use with FibreIRS distribution systems.

Each channel has + 15 to - 15db of gain efctively (15db gain with variable 30db attenuator), with the additional benefit of a switchable output boost of 18dB for long cable runs or passive splits being employed.

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