Fracarro Home Fibre

Fracarro's Innovative Home Fibre Optic system designed for its simplicity of installation from the headend to the wall outlet. The system uses a conventional LNB and dish assembly requiring no special optical alignment tools. Its is capable of carrying all satellite and terrestrial signals through a single 9/125 singlemode fibre  cascadedcable. Additional transmitters can be cascaded using a standard 5 core co-axial back bone giving a larger flexibility in system design to supply a larger number of outlets.

Main Specifications

  • Installation using a standard LNB and dish
  • AGC on transmitters enables the use of several different diameter dishes
  • Cascadable solution similar to MSW distribution
  • Up to 21dB optical distribution loss
  • quick and easy to install
  • complete terrestrial bandwidth

 Data sheets Tx & Rx

Data sheets Taps & Splitters

For APC Splitters and Patch leads see items from menu.

Home fibre Transmitter OPT-TX-DT

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Our 5mW optical transmitter works in the second optical transmission window (1310nm) and manages the SAT signals - from a traditional LNB and dish combination - including full bandwidth DTT, FM and DAB.

Equipped with automatic gain control (AGC), up to a maximum of 7 transmitters can easily be connected together using the typical cascade distribution infrastructure, serving up to 896 wall outlets per trunk.

Home fibre Receiver OPT-RX-DT Quattro

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Our range of optical receivers includes several options, tailored to different system requirements, from the Quad with 4 universal outputs for direct connection to the TV, to the Quattro with five independent outputs (HL,VL.HH,VH and TV) for multiswitch systems. There is also a version available with a single terrestrial output.

Home Fibre OPT-RX-DT Quad

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OPT-RX SCD2 Fibre Receiver

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dCSS Fibre receiver SKY-Q compatible.

OPT-RX SCD2: new optical receiver converts the optical input signal in RF signal available on FC.APC connector into 2 dCSS outputs.

The receiver makes the TVSAT signal available for 16 users for each output, for a total of 32 user bands.

NOTE:- you will require a patch lead with FC/APC connector.

Home Fibre OPT-TV Receiver

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Fracarro PSU 15v 2A plug-in UK Type

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Input voltage of 100-240V AC
  • 15V DC version 2.0A
  • 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm female barrel
  • +ve centre polarity
  • Short circuit and over voltage protection
  • CE marked and safety approved

Splitters and Taps

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All our range of splitters can be used on FRACARRO systems with the correct connectors.


FC/UPC - SC/APC Singlemode Simplex Patch Cord

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Used to convert Angle type systems ( FRACARRO, Vision, WISI, Tayor & Televes).

FC/UPC (Blue plug) - SC/APC (Green plug).

High Quality and Cost-effective 9/125μm Singlemode Fibre Patch Cable. The 9/125μm single mode fibre patch cable meets RoHS compliant, and all cables are 100% optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high quality, it is very cost-effective for network cabling. FC/UPC (blue) - SC/APC (green)