Fibre Optic Fundamentals (FOF)

The FOF course allows students to gain valuable knowledge of fibre optic theory, codes, standards and practices which are widely accepted in the telecommunications industry today. In addition, students gain a practical knowledge and understanding of the latest installation, splicing, termination and testing techniques and achieve the knowledge and understanding necessary to design, oversee, direct and maintain fibre optic cabling systems.

Brief Course Synopsis.

1. Introduction to Fibre Optics

  • Fibre Optic Advantages and Applications
  • Terminology and History
  • The Fundamentals of Light Propagation
  • scale of Measurement and Light Spectrum
  • Characteristics of Singlemode and Multimode
  • Manufacturing, Bandwidth and Linear Effects

2. Cables

  • Cable Types, Construction and Specifications
  • Cable markings
  • Selection Criteria

3. Connectors and Terminations

  • Temporary and Permanent Connections
  • Connector Types
  • Mechanical and Environmental Considerations
  • Performance Specifications
  • Connector Loss Issues
  • Splicing Applications

4. Enclosures, Patch and Splice Types

  • Application Issues and Selection Criteria
  • Aerial and Burial Enclosures
  • Re-Entry and Expansion Capabilities
  • Routing and Preparation

5. Test Equipment

  • Loss Testing Tools and equipment
  • Standards and methods
  • Return loss, Bandwidth and Dispersion
  • ODTR Theory and Applications
  • Loss and System Budget Calculations

6. Hands on Practical Work.

  • Assemble a patch cord and test
  • Assemble a mechanical splice with a light source and power meter
  • Measure the bi-directional loss in a fibre optic link with a power meter and light source
  • Measure the bi-directional loss in a fibre optic mated connector with a power meter and light source
  • inspect a connector end face
  • Successfully identify selected fibre optic system components
  • Prepare a splice tray
  • Assemble a fan-out kit
  • Perform visual inspection
  • Prepare cables


Target Audience

Fibre Optic Fundamentals is designed for new or experienced workers seeking a deeper understanding of fibre optic theory and system. This course is excellent for anyone involved in:

1). Construction or Project management

  • Electrical
  • Voice/Data
  • Site or Utility Contractors

2). End-Users Markets

  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Utility (including Telephone, MATV, SMATV, Video/Audio, Custom Install and Security)