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Due to increase in European shipping cost from our supplier Micos Telecom (by as much as 100% on some items we are sorry but we will have to pass this on in to the cost of some items.

Micos ORM 2 Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box

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The ORM 2 is designed for the termination of 2 to 4 optical fibres in a customer terminal point or for interconnection of optical cables.

Not supplied with adaptors or pigtails.

End-Pass Mini Surface Mounted Wall Outlet

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Terminal Box, designed to connect the fibre drop cable to the consumer equipment.

Replacement for ORM 2


Small size and simple installation

Flexible termination methods, splice +pigtail, 2 sockets SC or LC (not supplied).

Tech Spec.

Size: 130 x 84 x 24mm

ABS material

Micos ORM 3 4/L Splice/Connector Box

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Micos ORM 5 Lockable IP Wall Box

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URM LH 96S Wall Mounted Dist Box

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The URM LH 24C UNI optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 24/48 optical connectors indoors and outdoors. The distribution box may be complemented by a bracket, which enables it to be post-mounted.

This Unit is the same at the above but in a waterproof box.

  • Maximum capacity of adapters is 12× SC/DX or 12× SC/SX or 12× LC QUAD
  • 2× KM4 splice tray for the placement of optical splices
  • Possibility of PLC splitter placement
  • 2× PG bushing for input cable
  • 12× Dividable rubber bushing 2× 1–3 mm for output patchcords
  • 2× PG bushing with rubber insert for output patchcords (24× 3 mm)
  • Lockable door
  • Use for fibres G652d and G657 a,b
  • https://www.micostelcom.com/data/file/6/2296-urm-lh-24c-uni.pdf

Micos ORM 48 Wall Distribution Box

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ORM 48 MRS Post or Wall mounted Optical Distribution Box

The ORM 48 MRS optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 48 optical connectors both indoors and outdoors.

  • Capacity of 48 optical connectors
  • Connector panel holder SC, LC DUPLEX
  • Placement of optical fibre reserve, length 2 m
  • Cable clips
  • Management rings
  • PG bushings
  • Lockable lid
  • Wall Mounted  or Post Mount with option kit.
  • IP 54 to EN60529
  • Material PC/ABS
  • Dimensions 372 x 303 x 152 mm

Micos SOP 36VS Distribution Box

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Optical box SOP 36 VS is designed for distribution of optical network in buildings by usage of optical cables or microduct system, for protection of optical connections and for interconnection of optical cables. It is wall-mounting in indoor climate with the option of entering / exiting the cable / fibre elements from either side. The box could be placed as necessary in respective etages where the needed number of optical fibres from backbone path is terminated.