Floor Boxes

MTeH Easy 24S/12C

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MTeH Easy is designed as a simple distribution box fro indoor installation. Is destined especially for FTTH networks. MTeH Easy can be used for storage of pre-connectorized cables or blown cable which can be spliced after request of the customer. It could be used as an distribution point in small building facility, or as floor box.

Easy 24S/12C inc. 1 x KM4 Splice tray ( max. capacity 24 splices)

Easy 48S inc. 4 x KM3 splice trays ( max. capacity 48 splices)

Left unit 48S with Base & Cover, Centre unit 24S with Base & Cover holding 2 x 16 way Fibre Splitters & Right unit 48S with Base & Cover.


MTeH Uni

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Micos ORM 3 4/L Splice/Connector Box

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Micos SOP 36VS Distribution Box

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Optical box SOP 36 VS is designed for distribution of optical network in buildings by usage of optical cables or microduct system, for protection of optical connections and for interconnection of optical cables. It is wall-mounting in indoor climate with the option of entering / exiting the cable / fibre elements from either side. The box could be placed as necessary in respective etages where the needed number of optical fibres from backbone path is terminated.