Singlemode Steel Tape Armoured Cable

CST Corrugated Steel Tape

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This single tube design contains non-metallic aramid strength members (incorporating a moisture protection system), a longitudinally-applied corrugated Steel Polymer Laminate (SPL) and flame retardant LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheaths, making it particularly suitable for resistance against rodent attack and high crush loads. Available in designs up to 24-fibres with each of the fibres colour coded for identification.

  • The construction provides a protection from damage for direct burial or installation in open trays, toughing or around industrial premises.
  • Metallic layer provides fibres with total protection against rodent attack (Rodent Proof).
  • LSOH is attractive where the generation of smoke or toxic emissions is potentially hazardous to people or equipment.
  • Suitable for campus-type environments in and between buildings without the need to joint at building entry.
  • Suitable for flooded ducts.
  • G657A 

Excel 8 Core CST Internal/External Blue LSOH OS2

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    Delivery time:3-5 Days
CST Corrugated Steel Tape

Single mode OS2 9/125 loose tube fibre cable with an internal/external Flame Retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) UV stable outer jacket.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor duct installation.
G.652.D compliant this cable gives OS1 and OS2 performance.

Construction is dry loose tube with water blocking E-glass yarn.

Optical fibres are colour coded according to IEC 60304. Outer sheath is metre marked for ease of use.
Manufactured in Europe to high standards.

Cable is cut and supplied to the required length.

• LSOH cable
• Indoor or outdoor duct installation.
• Metre marked
• Cut to required length


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  • Designed to offer enhanced armoured protection against mechanical and rodent damage.
  • Flexible armoured construction.
  • Optimized crush resistance.
  • Available in LSZH, PVC and PE sheaths.
  • Suitable for direct burial and other applications within hazardous environments


Optical Fibre Armoured Cable, GS657A, LSZH

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Un-Terminated Fibre (reel)

Features : Good mechanical property and environment property Flame resistant performance Soft, agility, convenience for connection Satisfy various request of markets and customers Specification : Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃ Outer diameter 3.0mm Allowable bending radius Dynamic 15D; Static 10D Allowable tensile 200N Crush resistant 3000N/100mm

With stainless steel tube inside the outer jacket to protect the central unit of the cable, the armoured fibre optic patch cords are easy to use in harsh environment, what is more ,they are flexible as well, handling these armoured fibre optic patch cables are as easy as handling electric cables.

Armoured fibre optic patch cable retain all the features of standard patch cord, but they are much more stronger. The armoured fibre optic patch cables will not get damage even it is stepped by an adult, and they are anti-rodents, when they use such armoured fibre optic patch cord, people do not need to worry that the rodent animals like the rats may bite the cables and make them broken. Although armoured fibre optic cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fibre optic patch cords; they can be bend randomly without being broken.

Steel tape armoured inside outer jacket
Resist damage by improper twist
Resistance of  pressure and rodent bite
Different fibre optic connector types optional
Low insertion loss
Custom cable lengths optional

Armoured cable

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G1-3.0 Optical Fibre Armoured Cable, GS657A, LSZH, Pre-terminated with FC.

Features : armoured patch cord can be laid in all kinds of environmental extremes. It is used without protection tube which saves space and is quite convenient for maintenance. Also it has the construction including stainless steel tube which protects optical fiber and provide better security for the whole system. Specification : Singlemode PC UPC APC Insert attenuation ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB Return loss ≥45dB ≥55dB ≥65dB repeatability ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB Operation temperature -40℃~+85℃ Outer diameter ∮3.0mm

Cable Pulling Sock

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  • Material - high tensile galvanised steel wire
  • Larger sizes and special Triplex cable stockings are also available
  • The stocking (sock) is connected at the end of the cable and can be used for cable pulling or supporting
  • Also available in stainless steel wire or Kevlar
  • Ideal method for supporting cables prior to cleating
  • When installing cables, cable stockings (socks) are an invaluable piece of equipment and should always be used
  • Can be used for pulling through ducting too
  • Re-usable tool
  • Usually used to pull medium to heavy cabling
  • The double-eye design allows the cable you're pulling to be passed through the stocking so that the pull can be made at a variety of points down the cable.
  • Break Tonne 0.75
  • Cable size 6mm- 13mm