Multimode Fibre Cable

Multimode Fibre OM3

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Price per metre. To order simply type in the number of metres you require in the quantity box. Min Reel / Cut Length of 100m

Brand Rex. Tight Buffered Internal External Cable contains fibres with Tetracoat® protection (tight buffering), non-metallic aramid strength members (incorporating a moisture protection system) and a flame retardant LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheath. Particularly suitable for short links in a low fibre count distribution network, including risers and lift shafts. Available in designs up to 24 fibres with each of the fibres colour coded for identification.

  • Easy strip off outer fibre coating.
  • Fibre protection will permit direct connection to terminal equipment.
  • LSOH is attractive where the generation of smoke or toxic emission potentially hazardous to people or equipment.
  • Most suitable for riser applications e.g. lift shafts as fibres will not creep within cable jacket. No looping required.
  • Suitable for campus-type environments in and between buildings without the need to joint at building entry.
  • 900mm Tight Buffered Internal/External

Multimode Fibre OM4

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