GPON / EDFA Networks

Internet, Satellite and TV services over a single fibre.

1550nm 1U Rack EDFA SC/APC, WDM, 20dB

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 1550nm ERBIUM DOPED FIBRE AMPLIFIER (EDFA) are equipped with stable optical output power circuit and pump laser thermoelectric cooling device Temperature stability control circuit to ensure the best performance of the equipment and long-life laser stability. The microprocessor software monitors the lasers & working state, the Digital Panel displays the operating parameters. With professional heat dissipation structure design, intelligent temperature control fan and low power consumption make it to be the ideal choice for building the 1550nm large and medium-sized optical transmission network.

There is a single port 20db output available see further down the page.

User Manual Download PDF

1550nm CATV Independent Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier Moudle 20db Single output.

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Performance Characteristics.

Adopted internationally renowned brand low noise pump lasers, low distortion, wide band, high output optical power.

Input power input range -10dBm ~ +10dBm, 1550um

Output Power +20dBm

Single SC/APC input, Single SC/APC output.

8v Power Supply

Mini 4 PON EPON OLT 4 Port

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HA7304 is a small standalone type 4 SFP PON ports OLT. HA7304 works with HA7200 series ONU (also other brands EPON ONUs which support CTC) and ODN, to establish a passive optic network. The whole system supports 4-PON, 256 ONUs.

HA7304 applies to counties, towns and villages fibre network access. It is also applied to FTTH/FTTB/FTTO projects, for IP phone, Ethernet data and IPTV services access. 


Supply 4 SFP PON ports, 2 1000M SFP ports, 2 1000M RJ45 uplink ports

Each PON port support 1.64 split ratio, total 256 ONUs access

Distance can reach 20km under 1:32 split ratio, maximum 1:64 under 10km.

Support to work with ctc standards ONUs

Support WEB/SNMP/CLI management

Apply for town,village fibre network and surveillance, apply for FTTX..

complete with 4 x SFP PON 9dBm output units.


Point to multi-point optic passive network

Technial Specification



Operating wavelength

1310(RX) /1490(TX)

Optical power

+2.5~ +9dBm

Receiving sensitivity


Max distance


Max splitter ratio



4 PON, maximum256pcs ONU



Uplink port

21000M SFPports+ 2 1000M TP ports (support 1000M only)

PON port

4 SFP PONports

Control port

1Console (RJ45), to debug the device

1 MGMT management port


100,000 hours

EPON traits

Support IEEE802.3ah

Support DBA with minimum1Kbps granularity adjustable

Support 1Gbps up link and down link symmetrical bandwidth

Support AES-128 encryption to each Logical Link Identifier

Support powerful OAM function, implement telnet management,maintenance and upgrade

Support auto discovery and auto register of ONU (real-time operation)

Protocols supported

Support IEEE802.3、IEEE802.3u、IEEE802.3ab、IEEE802.3z

Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN、IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree

Support IEEE 802.1P QoS、IEEE802.3X Flow Control

Other functions

Support 1GMPv1/v2 protocol report,query and leave message mouse

Support ONU remote configure and upgrade

Support real-time alarm detection, accurate fault location



Mini 1550nm FM, UHF+SAT Optical Transmitter 10mw

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Mini 1550nm CATV+SATV Optical Transmitter SC/APC Fibre Port Single Power Out 10mw 5km 45 ~ 2400MHz, UK Plug

Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.


1.      Designed for FTTH(Fibre To The Home) networks

2.      Wide operating frequency range:45~2400MHz 

3.      Excellent Linearity and flatness

4.      Single-mode fibre high return loss

5.      Using GaAs amplifier active devices

6.      Ultra low noise technology

7.      Using DFB coaxial small package laser

8.      Smaller size and easier install

9.      Output 13/18V0/22KHz for LNB working

10.   Using bicolor LEDs for 13/18V,0/22KHz output indication

11.   Using Aluminium alloy Housing, good heat dissipation performance

12. Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.

13. UK PSU

DDT+SAT Optical WDM Receiver

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  1. Designed for  FTTH (Fibre To The Home) networks

  2. Wide operating frequency range: 45 ~ 2400MHz

  3. Excellent linearity and flatness

  4. Wide range of optical input power

  5. Single-mode fibre high return loss

  6. Using GaAs amplifier active devices

  7. Ultra-low noise technology

  8. Smaller size and easier install

  9. Bicolor LEDs for optical power indication (Red:optical power<-12dBm,Green:-12dBm<optical power<+1dBm,Red & Green Flashing:optical power>+1dBm)

  10. Build-in optical  AGC and WDM function

  11. Using Aluminum alloy housing, good heat dissipation performance

  12. UK PSU

  13. Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.

HY-21-R31 FTTH Optical Receiver

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HY-21-R31 FTTH VHF/UHF Fibre Optical Node Passive Receiver.

HY-21-R31 optical receiver is specifically designed for VHF/UHF FTTH network. Its main feature is low power consumption, small Volume and high reliability. Adopting aluminium alloy shell. It is an ideal product to build FTTH  network.Built-in WDM can be satisfied with one optical fibre transmission television signals +  broadband data? PON Separate receiving 1550 - nm wavelength section of  VHF/UHF signals and output PON signals (1490/1310 nm).

FWDM Filter TX1550 TX/RX 1310/1490

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FWDM Filter TX1550/RX 1310/1490nm  COM/1550nm

Wavelength Division Multiplexer (FWDM) is extensively used in EDFA, Raman amplifiers, WDM networks and fibre optics instrumentation. The FWDM series is based on environmentally stable Thin Film Filters technology. The device combines or separates light at different wavelengths in a wide wavelength range. They offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, high isolation and excellent environmental stability. High power handling capability can be achieved through unique pigtail processing and high quality AR coating. 

Input:-SC/APC,  Data:- 1310/1490nm SC/UPC, RF1550nm: SC/APC

Works with Global, Televes, & Ubiquiti GPON Systems.

1550nm Mini VHF/UHF Optical Transmitter 10dBm

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Indoor 1550nm optical transmitter adopts famous brand high linearity DFB laser, and build-in  perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit. Owning the internal micro-processor auto monitor system, the transmitter would ensure excellent performance.


Main features

  • High performance DFB laser.

  • Wide band: 47 ~ 1002 MHz

  • AGC RF control circuit can ensure the constancy of lasers modulation depth.

  • RF over-protection circuit ensure the laser will not be damaged.

  • Perfect microprocessor automatic monitoring circuitry can monitor the operating status real-timely and precisely

  • OLED display status and LED alarm.

Mini 2 or 3 Way Passive Optical Receiver

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Design for FTTH fibre to the home networks, works with any make of equipment, (Global, Triax, Televes ect.)
 Supply UHF to end user without a power supply 47 - 1000HMz
 Zinc die cast housing, nickel plated
 Smaller size and easier installation

uFiber OLT 8-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

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uFiber OLT 8-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

The UFibre OLT is Ubiquiti's easy to use solution for Fibre network configuration. Powered by Ubiquiti's UNMS (management software), the OLT and its connecting NANOs can be managed from a single graphical web UI, all at no extra charge.

The UFiber OLT comes equipped with eight GPON ports and supports up to 1024 concurrent clients with physical links of up to 20km. There are also two SFP+ ports for 10G of uplink connectivity. The device is powered via an AC/DC power module as standard but this can be swapped out for a DC/DC module. A secondary power bay is also present to allow for the installation of a second AC/DC or DC/DC power module, allowing for a backup power supply to be connected in case of failure.

The UF-OLT can manage up to 1024 ONUs concurrently and is rack-mountable. It is capable of speeds of up to 2.488 Gbps downstream
and 1.244 Gbps upstream and comes with a single Class B+ SFP Module.

uFiber OLT 4-Port GPON Optical Line Terminal

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This unit has been used as a test / development unit and is as new. Will warrant for 12mts.

Ubiquiti's UF-OLT-4 is a simple and easy to use solution for fibre networking. Managed through Ubiquiti's own UNMS controller software, the UF-OLT-4 can be configured and managed via a straightforward and easy-to-use web-based UI.

Each GPON port on the UF-OLT-4 is capable of supporting up to 128 ONU CPEs. A single SC/UPC module is supplied with the device though to utilise the remaining three ports, UF-GP-B+ or UF-GP-C+ modules are required. The device also comes with an SFP+ port for 10G uplink connectivity.

The UF-OLT-4 can be placed on a table, shelf or other flat surface, or rackmounted using the included rackmount ears.


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Inverto’s Unifiber™ EDFA product range of optical amplifiers is based on state-of-the-art laser pumps and world-class 1550nm Erbium-Doped Fiber, suiting a variety of video distribution applications and including models with integrated wave length multiplexer (WDM) that can overlay 1310nm/1490nm data signals from a GPON/EPON OLT device over a single fiber port.
Engineered to last, the Unifiber™ EDFA’s smart power management and thermal design ensures long lifetime, high reliability and stable performance of the laser pump. The front panel’s large LCD display provides easy to use configuration and setup menu and serves the user with operation status information and/or warning alerts whenever needed. Delivered in a 19” 1RU rack mount housing with two hot-swappable power supply units, the Unifiber™ EDFA products are easy to integrate and guarantee that your signal distribution is always on.

Link to Unifber site.

Download User Manual.



  • Low noise, high optical output power amplifier
  • Optical input power range -10 dBm to +10 dBm, SC/APC connector
  • Automatically controlled output power, SC/APC connectors
  • CWDM for multiplexing GPON/EPON data signals (1310/1490nm) with the video RF optical signals (1550nm)
  • Status LED indicators and LCD display
  • High-efficiency, hot swappable double power supply guaranteeing uninterrupted operation
  • Network management interface (SNMP)

Output optical power (per port) - +10dBm typ., +9.5dBm min.
Operating wavelength - 1550 nm for the RF signals; 1310/1490 nm for the OLT signals (WDM models)
Ports - 1x optical RF In 8x optical RF Out, 8x optical OLT In (WDM models)
Connector type (optical in/out ports) - SC/APC
Input RF power - -10 dBm ~ +10 dBm
Noise Figure - 4.5 dB typ., 5.5 dB max. (@ input power 0 dBm, 1550 nm)
Port uniformity - 0.5 dB max.
WDM insertion loss (1310/1490 nm) - <1 dB
Return loss - >55 dB
Display and control switch - LCD, On/Off switch, Status led: Green=OK, Red = Off / Laser error
Network management interface - SNMP, RJ45
Serial data interface - RS232
Input voltage level - 90 VAC ~ 240 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Current consumption - 0.4 A max.
Input power consumption - 30 W max.
Working temperature - -5°C ~ +65°C
Storage temperature - -40°C ~ +80°C
Relative humidity - 5% ~ 85%
Chassis dimensions (WxDxH) - 19” 1RU, 483 mm × 254 mm × 44 mm

uFiber Loco Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE

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Sporting a sleek industrial design, Ubiquiti's U Fiber loco is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE that consumes only 3.5W of power and can be powered via one of two power options: 24V Passive PoE or 5v Micro-USB.

Offering the same TX and RX performance as the UF-NANO, the UF-LOCO is ideal for anyone installing fibre to the home who wants to provide compact, non-intrusive CPEs at their clients' property. The basic LED display provides information on Ethernet connection, signal strength, and power.

uFiber Nano G Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE

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The first offering from Ubiquiti's GPON range, the UF-Nano is a Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE capable of speeds of up to 2.488 Gbps (RX) and 1.244 Gbps (TX). Sleek in design, the Nano G comes with a digital LED display, a single GPON WAN port, and a single Gigabit Ethernet port. The easy-to-read screen provides information on IP address, signal strength and current throughput, whilst the device's sleek design allows for discreet placement in any environment, including mounting on a wall.

The Nano G is powered by 24V passive PoE, using a single cable to carry both power and data. Connected to a compatible OLT via a passive optical splitter, up to 128 Nano G devices can share a single GPON port across links of up to 20km.

Global OTX Kit

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Introducing the new OTx optical headend from Global Invacom. Fully compatible with all the current FibreIRS equipment and designed for future compatibility

Main features:

• Replaces both the ODU32 and fibre LNB.
• 1310 nm option either as a kit with a wideband LNB included or as a standalone unit.
• Fully compatible with all existing GTU’s and SwitchBlade units. The output frequency stacking has not changed.
• Familiar FC/PC connection.

• Wideband LNB input. Unlike the previous ODU32 that required a specific wholeband LNB with frequencies above 5GHz, the OTx unit uses standard H & V wideband inputs.• The wideband LNB supplied in the kit uses a local oscillator set to 10.41GHz• Single optical output with a 7dBm 1/32 split ratio. ODU32 units are more costly but would offer two 1/32 split optical outputs. If more than 32 splits are required, additional equipment will be needed.• IP65 rated and can therefore be installed outside. Intended to be fitted behind the dish itself. Ensure that it is mounted vertically.• 5G/700MHz filtered input accepting frequencies 88 - 694MHz. Additional channel processing with channel conversion is recommended with transmitters that still offer COM7 at channel 55.• Vertical leg powering of the wideband LNB only. For horizontal signal testing, it is recommended that power is fed to the LNB via the vertical leg connection of the powered OTx unit.FibreIRS FC/UPC optical outputFully compatible with GI O2O and existing FibreIRS systemsWideband inputWall or pole mount1310nm versionOpticalOptical wavelength (D000410): 1310nm ±20Optical wavelength (D000435): 1550nm ±15Optical output power: +7dBmReturn Loss: 20dBRF Signal SatelliteInput frequency Wideband (MHz): Min 290 / Max 2340Gain variation across band: Max 3dB *Gain ripple across 28Mhz: 1dBNominal impedance: 75ΩInput power (dBµV): Min 70 / Max 85 (For 40 transponders)* additional variation can occur due to satellite transmitted signal levels.RF Signal TerrestrialInput frequency (MHz): Min 88 / Max 694Gain ripple across 28Mhz: 1dBInput power (dBµV): 70DC specificationInput voltage: 20VCurrent consumption: 350mA Max (Excluding connected devices)Output voltage Vertical and Terrestrial: 12VOutput voltage Horizontal: 18VMaximum upstream current: 500mAConnectorsInput: 3 x F connectorOutput: 1 x FC/UPCPower supply: 1 x F connectorEnvironmental SpecificationOperating temperature: -20°C to +60°CStorage temperature: -40°C to +70°C

Global Fibre IRS 020 Converter

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The O2O (Optical to Optical) convertor from Global Invacom is fully compatible with
all the current FibreIRS headend equipment and designed for future compatibility.

Replaces the functionality of the O2E and ODU32 in one compact unit.

• FibreIRS FC/PC optical input
• Fully compatible with GI optical LNB, ODU32 & ODU32 (1550)
• 2 x FC/PC optical outputs
• Space saving design
• Small form factor

FM.DAB,DTT & Satellite (Optical)

GLOBAL Fibre-IRS ODU32Optical KIT 1550nm

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IF +DTT/DAB LNB c/w ODU32 Optical Combiner
(1.5m N Connector HF Lead c/w PSU - DC via
'F' Connection), Optical output 1550nm. 2 x 32

The Fibre system is designed to run alongside a voice and data optical network,either on its own dedicated fibre, or as an RF overlay. The system is designed to distribute DAB, DTT and the complete Satellite content from a single Headend to large number of dwellings.

The Headend is comprised of modules that receive and combine terrestrial and satellite signals to an optical output. The optical signal is then  split, amplified, then split further to feed multiple Passive Optical Networks (PONs) or ‘Point to Point’ connections.

Each home has it’s own Fibre-IRS optical to legacy converter, which outputs all of the inputs in their conventional format and at the original frequencies (DTT, DAB plus 4 Universal LNB O/Ps).

The Fibre-IRS Gateway Termination Unit (GTU) is designed to convert the optically received Fibre IRS signals (either via a dedicated Fibre or RF Overlay) to legacy format, e.g. with all inputs (DTT, DAB plus 4 quadrants of a universal LNB) being converted to their conventional format and at their original frequencies.

At the Head End, the F-IRSODU32 combines the signal from a Wholeband LNB (included with ODU32 Kit) with a DTT/DAB signal. The, now optical, digital IRS signal is output via 2 low power lasers contained within the ODU32.

Each of the 2 Optical outputs can be split, using GI Optical Splitters, to feed up to 32 FibreIRSGTU (Gateway Termination Units) Quads or Quattro..

  • Complete ‘end to end’ solution enabling unlimited tuners/STBs to be used within each connected home
  • Scalable, from 10’s to 10,000’s of homes
  • 'Plug & Play' Technology
  • Download Spec Sheet

UFiber 1:4 Fibre Splitter

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1-4 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:8 Fibre Splitter

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1-8 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:16 Fibre Splitter

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1-16 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC

UFiber 1:32 Fibre Splitter

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1-32 Mini Fibre Splitter 1.5m tails SC/APC