Underground Enclosures

24 - 100 Splice Dome Enclosure

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Nenco external dome splice closures are ideal for branch connections for up to 144 fibre terminations. They can be mounted on walls, direct buried or on poles with resistance to UV, vibration and have a water tight seal. The enclosure is made from moulded plastic and has an IP68/9 rating. They also have an excellent temperature range of -40 degrees to +65 degrees for long term reliability. The base of the enclosure has 4 round cable entry points and 1 oval cable entry point. Once they have been opened they are sealed using heat shrink tubing. The oval port can accept two cables up to 24mm in diameter or can be used as a loop through cable entry. The internal dimensions of the joint allow for safe management of unused tubes without affecting attenuation. Individual cable strength retention is available at each cable entry point as standard. The splice closure is compliant with IEC standards covering water immersion, UV resistance, salt mist, temperature cycling, fungus resistance, chemical resistance and re-entry testing. The enclosure is supplied as standard with 1 x 24 fibre splice tray and can have a further five trays added as required. The trays are hinged to allow access to other trays and open past 90 degrees to enable unencumbered work on installed fibres. No specialist tools are required to enter the enclosure and it can be locked to prevent unauthorised entry.

Dimensions: 450mm x 230mm x 230mm