MTeH Mini

MTeH MINI is a simple optical distribution box for the installation inside the buildings. Suitable as a floor box in larger buildings or as the main distribution box in buildings with no more than 8 flats. Vertical riser cable can be installed inside the box. Suitable for Gpon networks with pre-installed splitter. Box has separated section with hinged cover for individual access to adapters
  •  Possibility to use for splicing or patching 
  • Capacity up to 10 SC simplex or SC duplex in a separate section 
  • Holder for 2 splices in the bottom of the box  Possibility to place a TS 12 holder for 12 splices (max. 14 splices) 
  • Premoulded holes in the bottom for routing the cable through the wall 
  • Separate section for connecting customers 
  • Inputs for drop cables with the diameter up to 5mm from all sides 
  • Possibility to install vertical mid-span cable 
  • Possibility to use PLC splitters 1:8 or 2× 1:4 (small format) 
  • Screw lock 
  • Suitable solution for GPON networks  For fiber G.657

MTeH MINI Indoor Dist Box

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  • MTeH MINI is a compact size distribution box for the inner premises on the wall or for placing in the technical channels in multi-storey buildings. Connecting customers by less experience technician with limited access to inner splicing section. 
  • The user entries are on sides of the box and are designed to accommodate ducts or cables with max. of 5 mm diameter. An additional fixation by means of cable ties. Left entry points of the box are suitable for riser cable going through and standard cables. 
  • The box contains the holder for two heat-shrinks, suitable for splicing the splitter input. Extra splice holder for 12 splices can be additional placed into dedicated area. 
  • Pre moulded breakouts at bottom of the box can be used for duct which is going through the wall. 
  • The box depth of 40 mm makes it suitable for internal vertical distribution in risers. size 40×40 mm. 
  • The box contains Pins for the user outputs which can be broken off by segments as needed

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  • Inputs Main cable 2× 1–14 mm
  • Outputs User cables 16× 1–5 mm
  • Coverage degree IP 20 to EN 60529
  • Impact protection degree IK 08 to EN 50102
  • Self-extinguishing degree V0 according UL 94
  • Material PC/ABS
  • Colour White RAL 9003
  • Dimensions (H×W×D) 150 × 140 × 40 mm
  • Weight 0.2 kg



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