Fully Automatic Mini Optic Fibre Fusion Splicer Splicing, fibre optic tool set, Integrate Visual Fault Locator and Optical Power Meter & Fibre Cleaver Kit, 3.5 In Touch Screen Display.

  • Mini optical fibre fusion splicer, automatic heating, intelligent fast splicing, no lag in response operation
  • 3.5-inch TFT colour display screen, the splice loss/cutting angle is clear at a glance. Easy to carry and easy to operate
  • 9 groups of heating modes, 9 seconds welding, heating time can be set, heating temperature can be adjusted
  • Multifunctional fixture, suitable for bare optical fibre, pigtail, jumper wire, leather wire, replacement fixture can be used for SC and other connectors for various FTTx optical fibre cables
  • Built-in lithium battery 11.8V power supply, charging time ≤ 3.5 hours; external adapter, input AC100-240V50/60HZ, output DC13.5V/4.81A

Product description

Basic technical parameters:
Applicable fibre: SM(G.652&G.657), MM(G.651), DS(G.653), NZDS (G.655) and custom fibre types
Splice loss: 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB (DS/NZDS)
Return loss: better than 60dB
Typical connection time: 9 seconds
Typical heating time: 26 seconds (heating time can be set, heating temperature can be adjusted)
Fibre alignment: fine alignment, Core Alignment, Cladding Alignment
Fibre Diameter: Cladding diameter 80~ 150um, Coating layer diameter 100~1000um
Cut length: Coating layer below 250um: 8~16mm; Coating layer 250~ 1000um: 16mm
Tension test: standard 2N.

AUA-15AF Fusion Splicer inc. tools

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Fully Automatic Core Alignment Fusion Splicer. Comes with Tool case and all the tools required to carry out a Fusion Splice on Singlemode or Multi-mode fibre cables.

Splicer with Orange case, Yellow to order.