Fibre Identifiers

A quick and easy way to check signals on a Live system without disconecting or bring down a service.

C505 Five in one Optical Fibre Identifier

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This new C505 unit brings you a Five-In-One hand-held unit.

  • Optical Fibre Identification Instrument
  • OPM: (-50~+26dBm)
  • 10mw VFL
  • RJ45 Network tester
  • LED
  • Rechargeable USB 'C"
  • Direction Indicator
  • It will recognize 270Hz/ 1kHz/2kHz signals frequency

Live Fibre Optical Identifier

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High quality Fibre Optic Identifier Live Fibre,  AUA-40 with Built in 10mw Visual Fault Locator.

Takes 2 x AA batteries.

Review:- Excellent Product, I 've tried it even with low FTTH and it gives me traffic values and direction, highly recommended.