Optical Transmitters and Receivers

Equipment for relaying point to point or multi point.

Indoor 1550nm Optical TX for DDT 47 ~ 1000 MHz

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Optical TX.

Indoor 1550nm optical transmitter adopts famous brand high linearity DFB laser, and build-in  perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit. Owning the internal micro-processor auto monitor system, the transmitter would ensure excellent performance.


Main features

  • High performance DFB laser.

  • Wide band: 47 ~ 1002 MHz

  • AGC RF control circuit can ensure the constancy of lasers modulation depth.

  • RF over-protection circuit ensure the laser will not be damaged.

  • Perfect microprocessor automatic monitoring circuitry can monitor the operating status real-timely and precisely

  • OLED display status and LED alarm.

  • UK Power supply.


HY-21-R31 FTTH Optical Receiver

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HY-21-R31 FTTH VHF/UHF Fibre Optical Node Passive Receiver.

HY-21-R31 optical receiver is specifically designed for VHF/UHF FTTH network. Its main feature is low power consumption, small Volume and high reliability. Adopting aluminium alloy shell. It is an ideal product to build FTTH  network.Built-in WDM can be satisfied with one optical fibre transmission television signals +  broadband data? PON Separate receiving 1550 - nm wavelength section of  VHF/UHF signals and output PON signals (1490/1310 nm).

DDT+SAT Optical WDM Receiver

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  1. Designed for  FTTH (Fibre To The Home) networks

  2. Wide operating frequency range: 45 ~ 2400MHz

  3. Excellent linearity and flatness

  4. Wide range of optical input power

  5. Single-mode fibre high return loss

  6. Using GaAs amplifier active devices

  7. Ultra-low noise technology

  8. Smaller size and easier install

  9. Bicolor LEDs for optical power indication (Red:optical power<-12dBm,Green:-12dBm<optical power<+1dBm,Red & Green Flashing:optical power>+1dBm)

  10. Build-in optical  AGC and WDM function

  11. Using Aluminum alloy housing, good heat dissipation performance

  12. UK PSU

  13. Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.

Mini 1550nm FM, UHF+SAT Optical Transmitter 10mw

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Mini 1550nm CATV+SATV Optical Transmitter SC/APC Fibre Port Single Power Out 10mw 5km 45 ~ 2400MHz, UK Plug

Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.


1.      Designed for FTTH(Fibre To The Home) networks

2.      Wide operating frequency range:45~2400MHz 

3.      Excellent Linearity and flatness

4.      Single-mode fibre high return loss

5.      Using GaAs amplifier active devices

6.      Ultra low noise technology

7.      Using DFB coaxial small package laser

8.      Smaller size and easier install

9.      Output 13/18V0/22KHz for LNB working

10.   Using bicolor LEDs for 13/18V,0/22KHz output indication

11.   Using Aluminium alloy Housing, good heat dissipation performance

12. Ideal for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point DDT and Satellite relay.

13. UK PSU

Fibre Connector Passive Mini Node Optical Receiver

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Suitable for multiplexed signal input, responds to 1310 or 1500 wavelength UHF signal, with SC/APC input and metric head/inch head output connectors

Receiving optical wavelength: 1100nm ~ 1600nm 
Receiving optical power range: +2 ~ -14dBw
Working bandwidth: 40 ~ 860MHz / 1000MHz
RF Flatness: ± 0.75db
RF impedance: 75 Ω
RF output interface type: male "F"
Output level:
69dbuv (0dbm reception) mer: 39, BER: 1.0e-9
58dbuv (6dbm reception) mer: 38, BER: 1.0e-9
49dbuv (10dBm reception) mer: 31, BER: 1.0e-7
45dbuv (12dbm reception) mer: 27, BER: 1.0e-7
(optical test conditions: optical input level: 80dbuv, mer: 38, BER: 1.0e-9)
RF output reflection loss: ≥ 16dB (10-550mhz), ≥ 14 (550-1000mhz)
Input light reflection loss: ≥ 45dB
Optical connector type: SC / APC
C/N: > 51dB
(test conditions shall be in accordance with GT / t184-200.)
Sensitivity: - 17dB
Operating temperature range: - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Maximum operating relative humidity: maximum 95% non condensing
Optical fibre interface: SC / APC,
Working relative humidity: maximum 10% ~ 95% non condensing
Boundary dimension: 58mm × 24mm × 13mm

Mini 2 or 3 Way Passive Optical Receiver

New Product Line
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Design for FTTH fibre to the home networks, works with any make of equipment, (Global, Triax, Televes ect.)
 Supply UHF to end user without a power supply 47 - 1000HMz
 Zinc die cast housing, nickel plated
 Smaller size and easier installation

RF Optical Link DTT Transmitter

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The RF optical link system has been designed to allow one satellite polarity with FM,DAB and DTT to be distributed over single fibre. For additional polarities extra transmitter units can be daisy chained together (Maximum 4) from one power supply. This enables one satellite to be distributed over 4 fibres.

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Global RF Optical Link Transmitter (GLOFUHFTX)

The RF optical link system has been designed to allow FM,DAB and DTT to be distributed over single fibre. 
Can be used with either GI Fibre DTT RX or a quad GTU. 
• Simple link over fibre 
• Single PSU for multiple transmitters 
• Cost effective 
• 10km range 
Technical Specifications 
Optical Wavelength Tx (nm) 1310 ±40nm 
Optical Wavelength Rx (nm) 1100 - 1600 
Return loss (dB) 20 
Optical power Tx only (dBm) 7 
Frequency Range 50-2350MHz 
Return Loss: 9dB 
Input power DTT 60-90dBuV 
Laser Classification Class 1M