Equipment Overview

Giving coax the axe.

An affordable fibre-optic IF distribution system is beginning of the end for clunky old coaxial cable. 

We now have stock of fibre equipment.


Key benefits of Fibre System include:

  • Reduced installation time & complexity.
  • No earth bonding required.
  • Long cable runs (kilometres) are no problem using standard Fibre equipment.
  • Use a single 3mm optic cable  instead of four coaxial s for trunk cable runs.
  • Single fibre connection into the home to feed up tp four digital satellite receivers.
  • Typical cost for coax IRS 2 feeds to 42 houses, 4 dishes, installed £20,000, via fibre £15,000, One dish, giving 4 Sat feed and DDT TV to each house.  
  •  Integrated Reception System (IRS) enables you to provide TV over fibre. It delivers one-way broadcast digital Satellite/TV/radio to people over a dedicated Fibre to the Premises (FTTH) access network. It's ideal in situations where installing individual reception aerials/satellite dishes on the premises is prohibited by lease agreements, or in areas where topology restricts the availability of alternative means of reception.

Key benefits:

  • High capacity digital Satellite/TV/Radio broadcast distribution supply from a central reception point
  • Shared fibre infrastructure, based on a multi-way split Passive Optical Network (PON) terminating in the premises at an Optical Connector.
  • Can cover more than 256 customers in excess of 5km radius.