WOW Stick Electronic Screwdriver

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Electric Screwdriver USB Chargeable Cordless Screw Driver Kit 3 LED Light Household Power Tools Repair, ideal for model makers.

For precision screws, one-button electric start can be done. When a slightly larger screw cannot be undone electrically, press the switch and turn it slightly to the left or right to increase the torque.

3 LED Ultra-thin, simulated operation shadowless lights, can be illuminated in all directions without motor turning.

Magnetic Nanobox easy to carry with magnetic buckels. The glasses case, in addition to storing a screwdriver, it can also store 20 commonly used bits (supplied), which is convenient to carry.

Lithium battery power USB charging.

Diameter just 15.8mm, length 173mm

Electric max torque 0.15N.M. Maximum manual torque 3N.M