Disclaimer Notice.


Satsearch,(Satellite By Fibre) would like it to be noticed that we are not a dealer or a distributor of Global Invacom products and have no connection with them apart from acting as a retailer as do many hundreds of other companies, we do not intend or not portraying this via our web site. All Global Invacom products are purchased for resale from the Global Invacom authorised dealer network chain.

As an independent Satellite / TV company that have been involved in many activity fields for the last 30 years or so we are only passing on our experience gained to others in the same line of business via these web pages and word of mouth, Installers to Installers.

While the Satellite By Fibre Web site may from time to time contain advertising material, pictures and comments, Satsearch dose not endorse any as better than a similar sold products elsewhere.

Golbal Invacom have not approved or endorsed the training courses that are being offered elsewhere and on this web site. All information used is intended for basic knowledge on fibre technology and is not intended to make reference to any one manufacture of fibre systems.  08/12/2010


Most products that we sell are in normal use within the Datacomms related market and necessary not related to satellite fibre use.