Mini Active Fibre Tester OTDR

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New Model MIni supports Active Fibre Live Test on active 1310nm systems,  AUA-16/A OTDR 1550nm, 20dB, 80km

Fibre OTDR SC/APC Output Connector.

Power meter & VFL outputs 2.5mm universal connector.

It is recommended that a Launch Cable is used to get better results.

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2023 Mini OTDR NK2800 Active Fibre 1550nm Fibre Optic Reflectometer VFL OLS OPM Event map 20dB 80Km Fibre Cable Ethernet Tester, with iOLA Software.

  • Small and beautiful appearance, easy to carry
  • 3.5-inch high-definition full touch screen, support multi-touch, friendly interaction
  • Rich functions, one machine in hand, all installation and maintenance
  • Working wavelength 1550nm, support on live test
  • Battery working time is more than 4 hours, safety guarantee
  • Small test blind area, the maximum test range is 80km
  • High-performance processor, smooth control
  • Intelligent link analysis, intuitive display of analysis events
  • It is recommended that a Launch Cable is used for better results.
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FWT-100-S5F Mini OTDR Fibre Live Test

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Mini OTDR Active Fibre Live Test 1577nm, 20dB Optical Fibre Reflectometer Touch Screen OPM, VFL, OLS, iOLA Event Map Fibre Tester, Screensaver. SC/APC.

One of the advantages of the OTDR is the ability to generate a professional report of the measurements taken. The progressive development of fibre optics in the low-current system industry brings with it a greater awareness on the part of investors, who increasingly require the preparation of appropriate measurement documentation, even for relatively small projects. The free application OTDR Assistant for PC allows the reading of *.sor (Telcordia SR-4731 standard) measurement files generated by the OTDR for accurate analysis. It is possible to freely navigate through the reflectogram, zoom in on parts of it, or determine the attenuation of a given section or event using markers (2-point method, 4-point method, LSA method). The application also has an iOLA plugin for reading the *tor files generated when the results of the iOLA module are saved.
The saved files and the above-mentioned software allow the generation of measurement reports in *.pdf or *.xls format. The Measurement Report Wizard gives you a choice as to the format and content of the report. You can choose between a one-page document containing basic information, or advanced reports including such data as a reflectogram, event tables, or graphical representation of the measured link.

Mini OTDR Active Fibre Live Test 1577nm 20dB Optical Fibre Reflectometer Touch Screen OPM VFL OLS Fibre Tester SC/APC Connector.

iOLM (Intelligent Optical Link Mapper). Simplify OTDR tests while optimizing.


Model: FWT-100 S5F
Dynamic Range: 20dB
Test Range:100m~80km
Wavelength: 1577(±20nm)
OTDR/OLS Connector: SC/APC
Pulse Width: 5ns~20μs
Measurement Time: 5s~180s
Measurement Mode: Real time, average, automatic
Attenuation Dead Zone: 12m
Event Dead Zone: <3m
Sampling Point: 8000
Input Light Detection: Support
Maximum allowable power for light test:

OPM: +26~-50dBm, 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm, 2.5mm universal connector

VFL: 10mW, 2.5mm universal connector

LCD: 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen
Type-C Cable: Type-C x1
Self-calibration Function: Support
LED Light: Support
Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃
Relative Humidity: <90%
Size(H*W*D): 117mm*70mm*33mm
Weight: 217g

iOLM is powered by intelligent algorithms that can adapt to the context. iOLM dynamically locates and identifies all network components and faults with maximal resolution— all at the push of one button.

It is recommended that a Launch Cable is used for better results.

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Live Fibre Optical Identifier

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High quality Fibre Optic Identifier Live Fibre,  AUA-40 with Built in 10mw Visual Fault Locator.

Takes 2 x AA batteries.

Review:- Excellent Product, I 've tried it even with low FTTH and it gives me traffic values and direction, highly recommended.