Expert Reviews

The major plus of the optical LNB is that all four signals levels of a satellite can be transmitted simultaneously via a single cable virtually loss-free. Thanks to this, the signal can be split almost endlessly and each outlet is provided with all the signals that can be accessed completely independently.

Another advantage is that this system can bridge large distances without compromising signal quality. Fibre optical cable are extremely thin and flexible; they will fit into any existing dust system. The very low signal attenuation results in a considerable gain when large distances need to be covered compared with coax cable. This gain in comination with the higher c/n value may be the decisive factor in taking a weak signal and putting it on a TV screen or not. The low material costs (approx. £0.60 per meter for the fibre optical cable, £25 for a splitter for two connections, £40 - £60 for four connections) are another conincing argument in favour of this innovative system.

Tele-satellite & Broadband 05/2008